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6.6 / 10 
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Directors: Brad Keller [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Set against the backdrop of the latest craze - ballroom dancing - Maddie Monroe must discover the identity of dangerous kidnappers and bring them to justice before her best friend becomes their next victim.


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Great little thriller -- great character actors

I think Richard Zavaglia is one of the most underrated character actors.

Even though I love to see him on television and the big screen (Bird especially).

I hope we get to see him back on Broadway again real soon! My personal favorite was Chapter Two.

This is a great movie series on Lifetime definitely a good thriller for those looking for something other than another reality television show. I look forward to seeing the next in the Inspector Mom series. Kidnapped really held my attention.

Good Mystery Movie

This good mystery flick aired tonight on LMN, and it is part of a series that is broadcast on LMN's website. Danica McKeller is Maddie Monroe, a sweet and beautiful wife and mother living in a nice suburban neighborhood. She also happens to be a part-time detective! Kidnapped in 10 Easy Steps has Maddie and her handsome husband, Craig (Drew Waters), taking ballroom dancing lessons. But when several women taking lessons at the studio begin disappearing, Maddie decides to investigate.

I liked the first Inspector Mom movie that aired on LMN last fall, so I was thrilled when I learned Kidnapped in 10 Easy Steps would air. McKeller is very camera-friendly, and Waters turns in an excellent performance in the role of her husband. Also worth mentioning is Carolyn McCormick, Susana Gibb, Ryan Brown, Dan Horton and Lar Park Lincoln, all of whom perform well and look great. This is a solid mystery, and it is has a lighter feel to it by and large. It is competently directed by Brad Keller, who also directed A Killer Within.
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