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IMDB: 3.8 / 10

What did I watch?

Boring, some poor sfx and the witch is totally unnecessary. Why didn't she just go to the emperor and kill him? I found the actress playing Mulan unconvincing. She was so tiny, how were we to believe she passed as a boy and fought the way she did? Disney should just stop with the remakes and try and make something new. Or is Hollywood terrified of this?


10+ years being a silent reader in IMDB. Literally the only movie that make me sign up into a user JUST to give it a 1 star.

Ruined a great.

Taken all the greatness out and filled it with garbage.Where she became great by working and training hard, proving she as good as any man. Replaced by magic and crap.

An Insult of Culture and Shame

"Do you believe they are actually picking a Chinese girl to play the role as Mulan in the new real-person Disney remake movie?"I can still remember the question from an ABC girl and the excitement on her face when she was asking the question back in 2017. And after all these years of waiting, it turns out to be a complete disappointment.

A 3-star is probably the best rating that I can give here.Yifei Liu is absolutely the ideal cast for the character of Mulan. It looks astonishing on that reflection of Mulan in the sword poster. And that wins the movie one of the stars.Some of the scenery in the movie are beautiful especially with IMAX 3D. Mountains and skyline of the capital city are breathtaking, which earns the second star. It is probably a half star if not with IMAX.As for the third, since IMDB won't allow me to give a ZERO star for the worst movie of all time, it is basically a buy-2-and-get-1-for-free star.

Mulan's story has been told to all the Chinese of their childhood for over a thousand years. And thanks for Disney, the story is told to all the world with their great cartoon movie in 1998. The spirit of Mulan has been encouraging generations of people, including her bravery, loyalty and most importantly her filial responsibility. (Well, that's true, Chinese people thinks highly of their filial duty.)However, all the spirits above are but of words engraved on the sword, and the director really wants to tell that little story about a girl seeking for her true-self, which could be any other story but Mulan's. Despite of that, the whole story line is not logical, well, at all.* Avoiding to face the true-self as a female? Is that true?* Hiding family Kungfu from the troop? Is that necessary?* Taking off all armor and helmet to run for a war fight? Cannot be more logical.* A troop of well trained soldiers counting the Emperor's life on and only on a little girl? Best strategy ever.* Such an easily provoked Emperor that would rather get himself into a one on one fight to a berserker? Trump wouldn't do that for sure.

If you want to make a good Chinese history based movie, the least thing you have to do is to do some real study on it.But all I can see from this movie is prejudice from westerners to Chinese traditional culture and a soulless Disney drama.* Praying to phoenix for safety and peace? We don't ever do that in China.* Concubines with pale white faces and bloody red cheek makeups? That's what Japanese Geishas do.* A mind-controlling or transforming witch? Okay, Valar Morghulis.* Phoenix Vs Eagle metaphor? What's that for?Basically, not a single culture is presented precisely from where they come in this movie.If you can read Chinese, you can learn more mistakes that are made about the culture, history timelines, etc, where the ratings goes all the way down to 4.9 after 3 days of the release.If you can't, don't bother, and just remember the mistakes are much more than you can even imagine.The director successfully made a contribution to alienate the understanding between the westerners and Chinese.Westerners may think this another movie that is made for Chinese in order to please the Chinese market, while Chinese people are actually feeling INSULTED by all these cultural bias.Niki Caro shows us a great example how to make a movie and offend both side of the audience.

In the original Mulan folklore, there are no characters like Mushu, the cricket, and all the funny souls of ancestors. But who would possibly complain about a cute funny dragon especially when it comes from Disney? But when a silent, helpless and do-not-know-what-to-do phoenix is taking Mushu's place, it just let people doubt if this 2020 remake is actually a Disney movie.Besides, Mulan is made a superhero with great talent when she was very young. And of course, a heroine cannot have a boyfriend, potential one, as a general or something. That adaption sounds not feminist at all.

All in all, this movie is simply a waste of a good legend, passion from Disney fans, 2 hours of your life probably, and above all, 200 million dollars.Good job Niki Caro!

What a dumpster fire of a movie

Artemis Fowl then and now Mulan... If there is any award for being expertly mediocre


Apparently Mulan has super powers now and is the greatest warrior from the get go. This movie is corny and laughable. It was hard to root for mulan because her character was so boring.

300 million dollar mess not even worth 3 dollar

Disney can't make anything original same old story of remaking classic animation in live action didn't paid off. Bad action, choreography, screenplay is very dull and boring. Changed history of characters to make movie work.Really bad action and costumes look cheap. I was lucky I didn't paid 30 dollars watch it at friends place. Felt like walking out halfway thru the movie.


Don't watch it. Total waste of time. Cardboard expressions.

An ill-conceived narrative mess with no artistic integrity, and an insult to Chinese cultural identity

An ill-conceived narrative mess that does not compare well to the 1998 animated Mulan. An insult to Chinese identity because someone decided to make Chinese actors deliver lines in English.

In an animation, it is fine to have Chinese characters speak English, because it is a story that does not seek to be "real", like a fairy tale. The audience will not be that bothered. The 1998 animated Mulan is an empowering "fairy tale" story with Chinese elements inspired by a folklore ballad.

When Disney decided to do a live action remake with production design that seems to be aiming for authenticity, the game changes. It is just wrong to force Chinese Actors that can speak Mandarin, to deliver lines (emotion) in English. Language is integral to one's way of thinking, one's personal identity, one's cultural heritage and social image. Forcing Chinese actors to speak English, like they don't have their own perfectly fine full-functioning language that is just as full of nuance and complex communication, is the Ultimate Disrespect to Chinese culture. They should have done this live action remake in Mandarin, and dubbed into English (or subtitled) for western audience.

Soulless ( i'm being kind)

Well... this is what happens when you give 200 million dollars and a great cast to the worst ever Hollywood director!You could at least give us some nice soundtrack... but noooo, you had to destroy it all at once

Boo Disney!!!

Really? This storyline isn't the same. I had read articles before the movie came out but it really is a POS. Don't waste your time... really... laugh so you don't cry! Shame on Disney, shame on anyone that thought this live action would be a good idea and well received by the audience / true Disney fans!!!!!!!


This is one High Quality disappointment. Inferior to the original Disney Animation in every way conceivable. Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!

Not worth $30

This movie is garbage. Not even close to the original classic animation. Utter waste of time.

Not very good avoid this rubbish

Mulan is just not a very good movie it fails in making you care for the characters. The fight scenes are pretty average and the movie is a bit of a drag really. Avoid this awful movie it's set to be boycotted anyway due to the attitude of the main actress towards human rights but generally speaking uninteresting and bland

So bad

They want to make china version wonder woman. But the whole movie is just so boring, the action part is even less than the normal action movie trailer. It's a trash movie.

Enjoyable in its differences & similarities.

I enjoyed watching this remake and appreciate the choices made to make it stand apart from the animated. Not that it needs to be said, but the live-action remakes will just never surpass the greatness of the originals, and that's still true here. Nevertheless, a visually stunning film that was enjoyable to watch.

Could have been really great

This film has every element that would had turned it into a really great film. The casts are good, the cinematography is beautiful, and the story of Mulan itself is beautiful. However, it didn't turn out as good as it should have.

The problem here, I believe, lies in the way the filmmakers directed the film. The drama part in the beginning of the film could definitely had been better. In the animated version, I always end up really emotional, but this one didn't make me felt sorry for Mulan as much as I should have. I know it's Disney, so I shouldn't expected it, but I think the film would had been a success if they had decided to make the film a full-blown action drama film. It would have opened many new opportunities for Disney.

Moreover, sometimes I felt like I was watching one scene and then it suddenly skipped to the other scene. The film is a bit too fast-paced. The filmmakers could had given a little more time to develop its characters, so viewers could feel for them.

As for the casts, I think they casted the right people, but somehow, everyone seem so emotionless in the film. It was a waste of talent. As for the lead, Liu Yifei was great as Mulan. I don't care about her political view, but as an actress, I think she is fitted for the role. As Mulan, she is stunningly beautiful and fights like a warrior.

Overall, the film is not bad, but it's not great either. A new team of screenwriter would improve the film a lot.

No music according to Niki

No music because when charging into war, "you don't press pause and start singing cause it isn't realistic" says Niki. Yet, in one of the most emotional and amazing war scenes in Lord of the Rings Return of the King starts with Pippin singing as Faramir charges towards the Orcs - and that film won 11 Academy Awards.

Unfair low rating

Once again people are giving negative reviews to this movie for what it's not instead of rating it for what it is. Forget the scenery, the costumes, the action, the amazing fight scenes... they're mad because it's not the 1998 Mulan. Guess what? IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE! The targeted audience won't care. People complained the same about the 2019 Lion King. Can people just enjoy a remake without whining "oh it's not like the first one, it's not like the first one". I loved both Lion Kings and I like both Mulans. It's possible, you know, if you stop wishing and wanting so much. I think of all the girls born after 1998 that this movie will inspire, while the old farts are nostalgic about first versions of everything.

It was bad

It was bad cringey and boring at the same time. it felt like a big budget overscaled chinese film failure I dont know what the hell Disney was thinking during the production. so not much of a big disappointment because I wasn't too excited after watching the first trailer so I wasn't gonna watch it but I had to try it cause I loved the Original animation.. but still it was worst than I expected